Born and raised in the beautiful Central Pennsylvania area, I grew up with an appreciation for the constant change in nature and the beauty it creates when all the different elements collide. I'm inspired by many changing moments, but try to do my best to nurture what my senses respond to-channeling that focus into a physical form. 

While I am mostly learning from the delicate and often unpredictable process of ceramics, I also continue to make messes in different areas of creating. I can also be found flowing with water colors and feeling my way through textiles and fabric.

My creative life and love for the learning and grown process of education has taken me down many paths, which eventually lead me to graduate from Millersville University with a certificate degree in Art Education. It was in this environment that most of my explorations started. While applying my education to the many stages of my life, I find I'm constantly falling in and out of love with different ideas and visions; scribbling out and framing ones along the way. Throughout my journey I have found myself the freedom to work on my own personal artwork and ideas with the amazing support and love of those around me. I'm now thrilled to introduce HAZEL TREE & BECK as a part of this journey.

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