Black Stripes + Blue Dash with Gold Luster

Black Stripes + Blue Dash with Gold Luster


Handmade 12 oz ceramic mug with simple, modern stripe with dash pattern and a 22k gold luster handle. 

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All Hazel Tree and Beck mugs are 100% handmade. Because of this relevant feature, each piece will often hold small irregularities including pattern, shape, color(s), and size (of both mug form and handle) from what you see in the picture. These events add to the uniqueness without effecting the quality or functionality of them. 


Each piece begins on a scale where a ball of clay is wedge then weighed out before being shaped on a potter’s wheel. Once its form is thrown and refined, it is set aside to for drying to a leather hard texture. After it has reached this stage, it can be trimmed to its final form and have a handle attached to it. From here, decorating can begin. Each line, dash, check, surface pattern is added by hand using traditional techniques, tools and materials. Once the decorating process is complete, the piece will be set aside again for a slow and final drying time to prepare for its first kiln firing. After this first firing, it will be slowly cooled, handed dipped or painted with its glaze, and fired for a second time. Pieces with Gold Luster go through a third firing before being offered for your enjoyment. 


All of HT&B pieces are created and designed with the intention of elevating our everyday environment. The handmade pottery WITHOUT gold luster may be used in a microwave or dishwasher. However, keep in mind that it is handmade and should be cared for as such. Avoid obvious shocks like rough transportation and sudden changes in temperature. Uneven heating can also cause pottery to crack. When treated with love and care, each piece can last up to a lifetime. *Note: “crazing” is a normal effect in pottery. Tiny hair like looking cracks in the glaze often occurs and will not effect the use or function.